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When you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction, it can feel as if the whole world is collapsing around you and all that is left is you and the substance that you are addicted to. This sense of isolation and loneliness is a major part of the addiction process. Your addiction convinces you that you are all alone and isolated from the rest of the world. Even though you feel this way, you are not at all alone. There are millions of other people in the United States alone suffering from drug or alcohol addictions as well. And even more than that, there is help available to you, so you can overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. You just need help finding the right addiction treatment center for you and your needs. At Nottingham Drug Treatment Centers, we offer free advisory services to help you find that one ideal treatment center for you and your addiction recovery needs.

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What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a disease. It affects every aspect of a person's life from their physical health all the way to their mental and emotional health and even their spiritual health. Oftentimes, a person in the midst of an active addiction seems very unlike the person that they were before they developed an addiction. This is because of the profound changes that occur when a person has a drug or alcohol addiction.

When we say that an addiction is a disease, what we mean is that it is a condition that is much beyond the popular misconceptions about addiction. Many people think an addiction occurs because a person does not have strong enough willpower or have some type of flaw in their character. However, there is no basis of truth to these conceptions.

If you think of addiction as a disease, you immediately think about other diseases that affect people. And just like any of these other diseases, addiction has a biological and physical basis. While many of the symptoms of addiction are mental and emotional, the core of an addiction is actually physical. An alcohol and drug rehab in Nottingham or vicinity can help you overcome your addiction.

Addiction affects the structure and function of the brain. It throws the chemical balance of the brain off and creates a chemical dependency on the drug or alcohol. Because of this, a person is physically addicted to the substance and cannot control their cravings or their sense of need for the substance they are addicted to.

Can You Overcome an Addiction?

Given that the brain is altered by an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may be wondering whether or not it is even possible to recover from or overcome an addiction. Luckily, the brain is a highly adaptable and can shift back to being balanced. However, it cannot do so without help and guidance. There is a process involved in breaking the physical as well as the mental and emotional addictions to drugs or alcohol. Addiction treatment centers are designed and equipped to get a person through their drug and alcohol addiction recovery process and to help them overcome their addiction once and for all.

However, centers for addiction treatment in Nottingham or local region can vary greatly in quality, programs offered, and a variety of other factors. It can be quite difficult to determine which treatment centers would best serve you and your needs. This is where we can step in and help you help yourself. At Nottingham Drug Treatment Centers, we work as advocates on your behalf to find you the best possible addiction treatment center for your needs.

How Nottingham Drug Treatment Centers Can Help

When you decide that you want to break free from your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may find yourself wildly overwhelmed by all of the different options available to you. This is where advisory services can be extraordinarily helpful. Nottingham Drug Treatment Centers offers free and complementary drug and alcohol addiction treatment advisory and referral services to provide you with matches to the best possible addiction treatment center for you.

All you need to do is call Nottingham Drug Treatment Centers at (240) 573-7851 to get the process started. You will be connected immediately with an addiction treatment advisor that is ready and willing to help you with your addiction treatment search.

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